The Discipline of Library & Information Science deals with Libraries and Information Centre which have been established and are maintained to fulfill the reading and information needs of various categories of library users.

With the rapid changes in the social and academic (focus on multidisciplinary research and innovation) environments and the emergence of digital technologies and digital libraries and institutional repositories, services based on social media. many changes are being introduced in this field especially in the areas of online databases, access/acquisition/use of e-books and e-journals, Library Software, Barcode and RFID, Library Networks and Consortia, development of new Standards and Protocols for creation and exchange of bibliographic information, evolving of variety of metrics, etc. , and this has necessitated a change in the profile and role of librarians and documentalists.

  1. Bachelor in Library and Information Science (B.Lib.I.Sc) is meant to impart skills and training necessary for the effective organisation and management of libraries and information units in the present day context and provide a variety of library and information science services leveraging IT. This programme aims towards professional development of those who are already employed in different types of libraries and who aspire for better employment opportunities. It will also provide a platform for those fresh entrants who wish to pursue a career in Library and Information Science.


  • To give students an understanding of the basic principles and fundamental laws of Library and Information Science and to enable them to appreciate the functions and purposes of the Library in the changing social and academic environment
  • To train students in the techniques of librarianship and management of libraries
  • To acquaint students with the organizations and development of this branch of knowledge and research methods
  • To make students proficient in theory as well as the methods involved in information storage and retrieval.

       2. Certificate Programme in Library and Information Science (CLIS) is being launched with the objective to cater to the staffing needs of libraries as well as for imparting basic skills and training in library management. It will provide an               opportunity to take up basic training in the profession of library and information science.


  • To sensitize library and information science professionals at the grass root level
  • To impart basic skills and training in library management and information handling
  • To provide an opportunity for professional skill development to those who are already working in libraries without any professional qualification